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You're a lady with killer ideas, flawless business acumen, and probably a very cute wardrobe. Let me put that into words.


Stop me when this sounds familiar. You've been working your butt off to get your big idea up and running. Your friends complain that they never see you anymore (but they're secretly really proud of you for forging your own path). Now, you're seeing success, but honestly? Your blog is wearing you out, and sometimes months go by without an update.

Here's where I can help. I've written for startups just like you, putting out timely, high-quality blog articles that sound just like the company and feel right. Some of those articles now get over 7,000 views per month. Some of these articles were written under other peoples' names, and are now featured on Huffington Post (but shhh).

For when you want your blog scheduled, savvy, and swimming along on total auto-pilot for the next 1-3 months.

For when you need your website to say all the right things to the right people.



For your ghostwritten memoir, your TV pilot script, or your poem-a-day calendar--send me the deets on your custom project, and I'll get you a quote within 24 hours.


“I really appreciated your editing. You understood what I was trying to say, and in a lot of cases, said it better than I had previously.” --Sonny H.

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